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Picture yourself coming up to the 18th green at Pebble Beach, Doral, or Pinehurst #2. You have the complete confidence that you will stick the green on your next shot within 6 feet of the pin.

Why so confident? You've been practicing 15 minutes per day with the "Best home golf practice gear available...period"

Experiencing the “true feel” and seeing the “true flight” of the amazing BirdieBall will improve your ability to control a real golf ball.

And the Target/Flags make playing through the park as fun as playing a full course.

BirdieBalls, Targets and Flags can be used outdoors or indoors to improve chipping.

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BirdieBall® by Birdie Ball Inc. is the best golf training aid invented this century! That's a bold statement, but golf coaches and PGA golf instructors around the world agree, and have voted it the PGA, Product of the Year in Orlando! It is a limited flight practice golf ball without limited feel. True feel with a long hang time, golf ball-like, trajectory! But it only flies 40 yards, so you have your own backyard driving range. Take a full swing. Draw it Fade it. Grab a buddy, get 40 yards apart and hit them back and forth. You wont believe the turbine sound created by the high rate of reverse spin. It's very durable, in fact Pro Series Birdie Balls won’t break like perforated practice balls or wiffleballs.

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                   "Perfect Practice"           "Best Gift"        "A Mini Me Pro V"    ESPN2 "Revolutionary"      "Best Gift"      CBS "Top 5 Golf Products"   "Best Stocking Stuffer"   "92% Approval Rating"   "So much for so little"   "Ideal for backyard"   "Lightning in a bottle"   "Truer Trajectory"    "As close to a golf ball as possible"

Ask yourself the following questions about any other golf training aids, golf gifts, golf games or home golf practice tools.

What was the last really new (and we mean revolutionary, unique and original) thing you saw in golf or golf training. Did it really work? Was it really fun to do?

Does the product pass the critical observer test? Who are these observers, are they a diverse group, are they reputable, how many are there, is there a consensus among them?

Does the company stand behind their product? Are they willing to accept your opinion after receiving your money?
Please read on about the remarkable BirdieBall.

BirdieBall is revolutionary, it is a totally new way to have golf fun and golf practice away from the golf course. The BirdieBall is being heralded as brilliant by critics and observers around the world.
BirdieBall® by Birdie Ball Inc.
PGA Professional Golfer Association - Best New Product
Voted the PGA Merchandise Show Best New Product by golf pros!

Limited flight practice golf ball without limited feel.

True feel with a long hang time, golf ball-like, trajectory!

Only flies 40 yards, in your own backyard driving range.

Getting accolades all over the world as the best golf gift ever!

BirdieBall by Birdie Ball Inc. Golf Ball “Best New Product” PGA Merchandise Show, Orlando

Good Morning America says: “BirdieBalls are Brilliant”

ESPN, Cold Pizza says: “I was running around like a seven year old kid”.

Check out BirdieBall golf tips page on this web site!

“Birdie Ball makes best logo golf ball”.

“The BirdieBall is a great addition to any golf school”: Paul Surniak, PGA Professional, Sumo.

“BirdieBall by Birdie Ball Inc. makes the most unique golf gift ever”: Arnold Palmer’s, Kingdom Magazine

BirdieBall…it’s the practice golf ball that is hit anywhere!

With StrikePad, you can take BirdieBalls by Birdie Ball Inc. anywhere.

GOLF Magazine says: “It’s a mini-me, PRO V1”.

US News and World Report says: “Ideal for backyard golf”.

Readers Digest picks BirdieBall as top gift for under fifty dollars”.

Business Week; “More hang time and truer trajectory”.

Golf World: “As for new products…odds are very good that BirdieBall makes it”!

“Best Golf Training Aid”! PGA Award

BirdieBall by Birdie Ball Inc. is the most Accurate and Rewarding practice ball in golf.

BirdieBall allows you to work on your golf swing in your own back yard.

“I received the BirdieBall and StrikePad set as a golf gift and I was amazed at how good a training aid that it was. Moreover, I was amazed by how fun it was to hit them back and forth with my good friend”.

“Golf training aids as a golf gift is normal, what isn’t normal is the response that my father had when I gave it to him! WOW”!

“I was in awe when I heard the BirdieBall and amazed when I hit and watched it”!

As far as golf equipment and golf gifts go, this exceeds all expectations.

Golf teachers give this to students at the end of their session as a golf gift to show their appreciation to the student and for student to practice with when they are at home or away from the golf course.

BirdieBall now offers traditional golf mats and golf pads along with the state of the art StrikePad.

Warm up ranges like the one at Palmetto Dunes on Hilton Head Island use BirdieBalls on their warm up range. They use conventional driving range mats and the new BirdieBall pick-up system.

BirdieBall is great for logoing!

Golf gifts are a stab in the dark. BirdieBall shown brightly on my sons special day. Thank You!

BirdieBall is one of the fastest growing suppliers to the Ad Specialty industry!

BirdieBalls are great for golf lessons away from the golf course.

BirdieBalls are changing the way that golf is practiced at school. In fact, before there was BirdieBall, there was no legitimate practice at school.

Golf is the cornerstone of "Activity for Life" taught at schools. At the cornerstone of golf at school is BirdieBall.

First, there were LOGO golf balls, then there were LOGO BirdieBalls. BirdieBalls have a larger image area, longer life, more conversation and almost impossible to loose.

Logoed golf balls are being replaced more and more often by logoed BirdieBalls.

What is unique about BirdieBall? Everything, along with a money back guarantee!

BirdieBall has no paid endorsers and yet BirdieBall has more glowing testimonials then any other new golf product since the metal wood was introduced by Taylor Made, 25 years ago.

Use the StrikePad™ to simulate taking a divot. It is a cambered polymer pad designed to replace conventional golf mats and turf pads. The cambered surface of the StrikePad creates an air cushion at impact. The Strike Pad will not grab the club. This protects your leading elbow by reducing jarring that happens when hitting off of other golf pads. The StrikePad deflects down at impact and follow through, and then rebounds back in the blink of an eye.

BirdieBall Golf Balls and Golf Tips Making News

In addition to being an incredible training aid, the BirdieBall is just plain fun. The 2004 PGA Merchandise Show marked the Birdie Balls introduction to the golf world. Adam Barr, Business Analyst with the Golf Channel, featured the "eyebrow raiser" to open the show. By the end of the show the BirdieBall had won one of the 2004 product of the year awards! Mark Murphy with Golf Digest's Golf World writes in the February 6th 2004 edition that “odds are good” that the Birdie Ball Inc will be successful. We know that you will agree.

Chipping in Small Areas

The feel one develops by chipping the BirdieBall in small confined areas is one of the BirdieBalls most incredible features. Although the BirdieBall is awesome for practicing a full swing it may be best when used indoors or in very small outdoor areas. Unlike all other off-course golf ball like devices the BirdieBall has rebound. When chipping a golf ball the feel of the ball on the club and the associated rebound are key to understanding how far your shot will travel. Further, lofting and de-lofting the golf club creates different feel and spin on the ball. Birdie Balls feel and spin like a golf ball as well in the chipping realm as in the full swing realm. Further, when using the BirdieBall with a very lofted club (pitching wedge) inside of its maximum 40-60 yard range the comparable distance is very similar to an actual golf ball. Let’s take a quarter swing pitching wedge for example. I would expect a quarter swing pitching wedge to travel about 20 to 25 yards on a golf course. A quarter swing pitching wedge with BirdieBall will travel a comparable distance. A short chipping move with a straight left side and no wrist break would be equal to chipping a golf ball into a high back chair from short range, about ten feet. I practice chipping BirdieBalls into my chair at my office. It is the same exact move and feel. The reason it works so well is because the less we compress either a golf ball or BirdieBall the more they feel, fly and spin like one another. When I travel, I travel with about a dozen BirdieBalls and a collapsible pitching wedge (for sale right here). When bored in the hotel room, I will chip BirdieBalls into the heavy curtain covering the sliding doors. I put a trash can under my target area and watch the BirdieBalls slide down the pleat right into the hotels trash can. How’s that for downtime target practice!

Hitting Driver

One of the questions we get all of the time is; “I can see where practicing irons and fairway woods would be great, but, can I hit Driver”? Absolutely, Yes, absolutely. Now with the Velocity Tee, you can work out with the club that even pros struggle to keep consistent. The Velocity Tees come in a package with one tee for Driver and one for your 3-wood. The Driver Tee works great if you have a Jumbo Driver (+300cc). Just point the tee at your target. I can almost hear you saying "Wow, I really got into that one!".

BirdieBall as a Golf Gift

BirdieBall may be the best golf gift that you can give a golfer, better than golf balls because he can hit them any where any time. Regardless of whether the golfer is a low handicapper or simply a beginner this golf ball is truly right on the mark. Golf gifts are often hard to choose because the giver may be unsure if the golf gift will be used. In the world of golf gifts this is one size fits all levels of golfer. Further, golf balls are hard to choose because you don’t want to buy the golfer something that the golfer already has. This golf gift has been getting rave reviews all over the world for the last couple of years. Recently the StrikePad has been improved to include an illustrated swing plane which helps the beginner understand the fundamental inside to outside swing path. Low handicappers use the pad as a surface from which they can practice the “down and through” motion without tearing up the lawn.

BirdieBall Golf Tips

In this web site we have a page dedicated to golf tips. The golf swing is complicated. We believe that there are really only five golf tips that you need to remember. The first tip is a golf tip on the golf grip; the second golf tip is a tip on the golf club takeaway, the Y to L position. The third tip is a golf tip with regard to the position of the golf club at the top of the swing along with the “inside to outside” motion of the golf club on the downswing. The fourth golf tip is the importance of club head rotation through the hitting zone. The fifth and final tip is a tip on the “down and through” motion when using your irons. Please visit these golf tips on-line. You can visit the Golf Tips section by clicking now. Just place your cursor over this section. These golf tips are free. Here is another golf tip: Practice with BirdieBalls…that is the best golf tip any golf tips reference could give you.

P.S. The BirdieBall is also great for corporate logos.

How BirdieBall works

The BirdieBall spins exactly like a golf ball. That is why it flies exactly like a golf ball, but for a shorter distance. The reverse spin around the BirdieBall’s center of gravity created with the loft of the club (the larger the loft the higher the spin rate) is similar to a golf ball.

When a golf ball “fades” (goes slightly right during its flight) or “slices” (goes far right during its flight) its axis is tilted for a right-handed golfer, from left to right. When it “draws” (goes slightly left during its flight) or “hooks” (goes far left during its flight), its axis is tilted for a right-handed golfer, from right to left.

The non-dimpled surface as well as the straight sides resists flight. The radius on the leading edge and the aerodynamic hole through the center encourages flight and lift. The oscillation between the two as it rotates from air brake to airfoil makes the turbine sound. The lifting aspects help it hang in the air; the braking aspects reduce the distance it travels. The combination of the two makes it a short flight, long hang-time device.


The BirdieBall has a remarkably satisfying ball flight. It flies just far enough to show ball flight but short enough that you can hit them and retrieve then with minimal effort. Further, because the BirdieBall has golf ball like reverse spin and two flat sides they do not have forward roll when the land, in fact they back up on most surfaces. BirdieBalls fly about 40 yards on average.

Experiencing the “true feel” and seeing the “true flight” of this amazing practice ball will improve your ability to control a real golf ball.

The BirdieBall is safer than practicing with a real ball.

BirdieBalls can be used in small outdoor areas and can even be chipped indoors.

Not convinced yet?. BirdieBall was pick as the player gift of the prestigeous Solheim gift. Yes it's true, the top women players in the world, like Anika Sorenstam, have BirdieBalls at home.

Birdie Ball Inc., all rights reserved. Patent pending

   BirdieBall Golf Ball Driving Range   BirdieBall Golf Ball Driving Range   BirdieBall Golf Ball Driving Range
The StrikePad™

The StrikePad is very simple. It is a cambered, flexible polymer spring. The ball is placed forward on the pad (in the area where there is a gap between the pad and the ground). Upon swinging down and through, the pad deflects downward - - it simulates taking a divot. When hitting with an iron, the downward motion at impact is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing. When hitting with a fairway wood or a driver put the ball on the elevated flat portion at the front of the StrikePad and use a more sweeping motion, avoiding taking a divot. The flex in the StrikePad allows for deflection and rebound at impact. It happens in the blink of an eye.

Saves lawns and parks from damage.

Protects your clubs from damage caused by rough hitting mats or the ground.

Reduces “jarring” of arms and shoulders at impact.

Practice anywhere, even on concrete, asphalt and dirt.

StrikePad will not slide and will stay in place.

Beginning golfers can square the club easier and can’t hit the ball fat.

The Swing Template
Beginners will see how the golf club should move through the hitting zone; all while looking down at the ball.
More advanced players can use the swing path as a reinforcement of proper technique.
Advanced players can use the pad for practice as well as instruction to beginners.

The Practice Advantage

For the beginning golfer

Beginners, young and old are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the game of golf - - the golf swing and the ability to make solid contact with the golf ball. The BirdieBall and StrikePad combination help beginners get started by giving instant and accurate feedback. The BirdieBall is designed with a center of gravity that is slightly higher than a golf ball, making it easier to get up in the air than a conventional golf ball. The StrikePad has a low friction, hard sliding surface that deflects or moves downward as the golf club makes contact.

For beginning golfers, one of the most difficult aspects of the golf swing to master is the angle of the back, or spine, during the downswing. Oftentimes the golfer hits far behind or on top of the golf ball. Beginners will overcompensate one way or the other. Allowing the beginner to naturally overcompensate toward the hitting behind the ball tendency, allows the beginner to simplify the task. In this situation (hitting behind the ball or hitting the ball “fat”) the StrikePad will keep the club on track to hit the ball. The beginner can then work on the open or closed aspects of the club-head at impact, which of course, in turn makes the ball go right or left. By singling out the left or right element of the golf swing the corrections can be understood and applied by the novice. Once the novice understands the position of the club-head and hands at impact, it is now less difficult to get the right spine angle on the downswing. Further, the beginning golfer, through instruction and repetition, learns to hit down and through the ball (with irons). Soon the beginner develops a repeatable swing motion. Swinging a club indoors with just the StrikePad and without actually hitting BirdieBalls is excellent practice for basic swing mechanics introduced by a qualified instructor.

For the intermediate golfer

As golfers advance in skill, continuing to develop a functional and repeatable golf swing is the most important aspect of improvement. Muscle Memory is key when trying to repeat an effective swing. Seeing the flight of the ball and feeling the ball on the club head is instant feedback. The attributes of the golf swing that make BirdieBalls go left, right, straight, long, short, draw, fade, go high or low are the same requisite attributes with a golf ball. Feeling the compression of the BirdieBall in your hands helps intermediate golfers learn “feel”. This feel is important in shot making. Try hitting the BirdieBall back and forth with a friend. By hitting with a target in mind, shot making becomes much more natural.

For the expert golfer

Expert golfers need only perfect what they have already learned to do well. “Work” the ball by shaping the shots left, right and working on the ever-important eye-hand coordination. When hitting back and forth with a friend put an object between you, like a tree, and see if you can draw and fade the ball around the object. Chip the ball, working on spin. Practice with wedges indoors. Pick the ball off of your good carpet and spin it into the back of your favorite antique high back chair. Do this when home alone or if you are really confident in your relationship with your loved ones. (Just kidding about this last part, we wanted to see if you were really reading this). Yes, BirdieBalls can still break stuff. When practicing chipping indoors, put the expensive collectibles away. (This is the official disclaimer).

For the instructor

BirdieBall is a product that allows all levels of students to practice at home between lessons. Use BirdieBall as the first step to instill confidence in beginners. Use it as a supplement for intermediate students to learn “feel”, and use it with experts to hone their already excellent game.

BirdieBalls are safe family golf fun!

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