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Would you like to wake up every morning doing exactly what you want to do in a business you enjoy, a business that you can be extremely proud to be associated with? Would you like to supplement your income in a rewarding part time opportunity that gives back what you put into it? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, BirdieBall golf could be the answer for you. This posting is to make you aware of our three day event designed to be a fun and informative introduction to BirdieBall the product and the company. This opportunity is for golfers and non-golfers alike.

This three day event in Denver, Colorado, will introduce prospective distributors and sales representatives to the BirdieBall business opportunity.

In Addition, during this meeting a breakout session for those interested in becoming a Certified BirdieBall Instructor will also be held.

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Why Distributors?

Opportunities that are truly global along with an existing uninterrupted demand require flat organizations. Flat organizations are organizations where decisions and delivered outcomes are one or two steps from the customer. It is the opinion of Birdie Ball Inc. management that BirdieBall Distributorships are the best way to keep the organization flat, by having the stakeholders “deliver the goods”.

BirdieBall is the PGA Award Winning “Best New Product”. BirdieBall is the leader in the introduction of golf in schools. Using the patented, BirdieBall limited flight golf ball, golf can now be taught in very small spaces in a very meaningful way. We encourage you to log on to our website or go to YouTube, to familiarize yourself with our products. Markets served include, schools (elementary through university), PGA, golf course (green grass), retail, corporate logo, corporate event, golf lessons and social networking and organizing. Remarkable margins make this an opportunity for life changing success and satisfaction. This is a real opportunity, with an established product, which along with lots and lots and lots of hard work can create earnings of 100K+ per year along with remarkable job satisfaction and self esteem. Clearly the emphasis here is on hard work, but it is hard work that pays off!

What is the purpose of this meeting?

The purpose of the meeting is to show you the BirdieBall opportunity, the markets, the products and the process for selling into the products into the markets. There are several options, from buying and reselling product to receiving commissions on sales up to 35%. You will not be subjected to any hard close. In fact, you will be shown the opportunity and you will need to make sure that we know that you are indeed interested. This distributor/resellers meeting will serve to communicate the opportunity and train participants in identifying and closing on hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential BirdieBall product sales. Territories are not exclusive but we will limit the number of distributors in any one geographic market.

What is the cost of attending this meeting?

Cost of participation is on the sign up page. You take care of your air fare; we take care of the rest. This will include a $499, Six Hole Field Set (retail value), a day of Golf and fun (bring your clubs), Hotel (you will most likely have a roommate.), Food and Transportation to and from Denver International Airport. In effect, this is an extremely low risk event created to expose potential distributors to a life changing opportunity in golf. The cost covers the weekend activities, food, room, transportation and the product provided at this meeting for you to take away. If you would like to bring your spouse or friend, just pick the option at signup, and they can stay with you and participate in all the activities, functions and meals.

Going forward there is no cost for being a distributor, it requires purchasing product only. This will be discussed in detail at the meeting. Being a manufacturer’s representative going forward requires no money at all, just the training which will happen during this event.

BirdieBall distributors and reps are not constrained by territories. There are a few house accounts and we do not allow online selling. The BirdieBall is a demonstration product this is true for all markets served. The discounting is meaningful and the more product that is purchased the more discount that is available.

If you are interested in this BirdieBall Distributor / Rep opportunity, respond to this ad with your e-mail and phone number. Please indicate your level of interest and the part of the country you are interested in selling into. We will contact you shortly to answer any questions and provide more details. I would ask that you give me a convenient time to call to talk to you about the opportunity. PGA members wanted and welcome!

We are currently negotiating the exact conference site. We will either be in the Denver Metro Area or at one of the Mountain Resorts. Either way it will be a fun, educational and exciting weekend. You will want to arrive at Denver International Airport sometime Friday morning. Your accommodations will be taken care of Friday night and Saturday night. You should plan on a Sunday afternoon departure again from DIA.

This opportunity is perfect for second family income. There is some time involved in ramping up. A supportive spouse with the primary income will have fun working in off hours and weekends. A love of golf helps but is not required. The instructional aspect is so intuitive that non-golfers can learn and have competency quickly.

If you ever wanted to be involved with a WOW product and a WOW opportunity in the education, corporate and golf markets, spend the weekend in Denver, meet the BirdieBall folks and we are sure you won’t be sorry you did, even if you choose not to move forward in a business relationship.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further, please call John Breaker at 866-807-3348 or send an e-mail to:                             

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