BirdieBall - limited flight golf ball
BirdieBall & StrikePad Set
BirdieBall - the most accurate and rewarding practice ball in golf
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Fun Uses of BirdieBalls

Being original with BirdieBalls

    BirdieBalls are great for backyard games. Play horseshoes, get a baseball glove and play catch. Play closest to the pin. Play the “neighborhood” course. You know the one…it starts in your front yard goes across and up the street to your neighbors trash cans that are still out from the days trash service. Obviously, it is free form and you can make it up as you go. Any skill challenge in golf is a chance to have major fun. Adults can grab their favorite adult beverage and play drinking games if so inclined. After all what goes better than a cold one and golf.

    Event planners get ready. BirdieBalls are the best way to fundraise, or be a splash to your corporate event You can play the neighborhood games described above or set up a target and shoot for prizes. Cap off the championship with closest to the pin. Once again, Any skill challenge in golf is a chance to have major fun. Adults will compete for hours trying to win that grand prize of a weekend away!


    OK you are on campus and you are going through withdrawals because you have not swung the old golf club in a while. Grab a buddy, borrow a club from Biff and take your BirdieBalls and StrikePad out to the common area and have a swing or ten. Make a course through central campus and pretty soon it is like the Pied Piper. This is great bait for the opposite sex. “What are you doing there?” “Can I try?” See what I mean.


    One of the more “Out of the Box” concepts that we have seen is the old off of the Houseboat target range. Notice in this picture that the author is raining on the old floating target. I have to admit that after a few hours of cruising around Lake Powell, it is nice to be able to pull over and whack the old BirdieBall. If you are out on the lake for more than a couple of days this is a necessity. Gambling on results? I can’t give any advice there. Suffice to say, you can always make it a working vacation.    

    From the sunny shores of Lake Powell to Minnesota in January. Ice fishing and BirdieBall will get food on the table and your swing grooved all winter. These are definitely your avid golfer types!    

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