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BirdieBall as Fitness and Exercise Tool

Yes, BirdieBalls are a great golf swing trainer but they are something else as well. They are unbelievably fun and they are addicting. Staying focused on making BirdieBalls fly properly make them a wonderful fitness and exercise tool. Schools and physical educators around the world are embracing a concept called “fitness for life.” The idea is to create activities that we enjoy doing that involve getting off of the couch. BirdieBall is one of those ideas. Golf is a sport that we can play all of our lives. Walking, an eighteen hole golf course can mean walking as much as seven miles in a period of about four hours. Walking this far every day according to most medical experts will keep you lean and strong. Further, walking and swinging a golf club are considered low impact exercises, exercises that are kind to our bones and joints.

How does BirdieBall help us stay healthy?

Getting good at striking a golf ball takes a lot of practice. Striking a golf ball is not an easy thing to do. Repetition is the key to getting good. Further, the practice needs to be effective and easily accessible. BirdieBalls give instant and accurate feedback and can be done at home or very near home. Driving ranges are expensive. To get good enough to have fun playing golf, hundreds of hours need to be spent working on the coordination needed to be an effective ball striker. With a small investment we can all have a driving range in our own backyard. The exercise comes not just from the golf swing itself but from the shagging process. BirdieBalls travel on average about 40-50 yards. The fewer BirdieBalls an individual has means the more trips across the yard to pick it (them) up. A person with a dozen BirdieBalls wanting to take 100 swings would walk about a half a mile by the time they finished their 100 swings of practice. The best part is that the time exercising is the same time spent thinking about the next 12 swings and what should be done to improve the accuracy of the next batch. Cut your BirdieBall practice pile down to six balls and you have a mile under your belt in no time at all. Personally I like more swings and more BirdieBalls. My typical practice session in my back yard is with about 18 balls and 300 swings. Let’s do the math. We take the total number of swings, multiplied by the average distance in yards, multiplied by the number three to convert this distance to feet, divide this number by 5280, the number of feet in one mile that the balls have traveled, divide this number by the number of BirdieBalls you are practicing with and you have it, you have the number of miles that you have traveled. Here is the answer: 300 swings x 45 yards = 13,500 yards. 13,500 yards x 3 feet = 40,500 feet. 40,500 feet / 5280 ft/mile = 7.7 miles of BirdieBall flight. 7.7 miles divided by 18 = .43 of a mile. .43 miles plus about another 25% for a relatively tight pattern of BirdieBalls gives you about .54 of a mile or a little over a half a mile. Here is an added benefit. Bend over to pick them up, that’s right do some knee bends of some toe touches and the old six pack starts to poke through again. In the example of my workout above, that is 300 toe touches on top of my half mile walk, all in about 30 to 40 minutes. Plus if you are erratic with the BirdieBalls at first… some the left and some to the right, you may actually have half again more walking than the person who puts them in a nice tight pattern.

Johns 300 Swing Exercise Highlights:

- A half a mile of walking.
- Three hundred toe touches
- Three hundred torso turns while swinging
- Three hundred time my eye sees the golf club hit the BirdieBall
- Pain free and focus on BirdieBalls flying rather than Calories flying.

The end result for me. I am now a great ball striker and my six pack is coming back slowly but surely

What is Birdieball?

Glad you asked! Birdieball is a limited flight golf ball that looks just like a napkin ring. Birdieball flies, feels, and reacts just like a golf ball, but it only goes 40 yards! Birdieball is revolutionary! It’s the most innovated product to hit the golf market in 100 years!

Is Birdieball legitimate?

You bet. Birdieball was voted Product of The Year in the training aid category at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Birdieball has been featured in well over 50 periodicals, with more on the way. ESPN, The Golf Channel, Fox Sports, and all major networks have had rave reviews regarding Birdieball. Birdieball is endorsed by many of the Top 100 Golf Instructors in the Country! Birdieball has received a 92% approval rating from the PGA Partners Club Testing Center! Birdieball is carried in over 230 retail outlets!

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