BirdieBall - limited flight golf ball
BirdieBall & StrikePad Set
BirdieBall - the most accurate and rewarding practice ball in golf
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Founded in Golden, CO Birdie Ball Inc, is the dream of a couple of guys (John and Paul) who love golf. So much so that we want to take golf to the streets. In fact, that is our mission. Golf should be fun for everyone who wants to play it. It should be convenient, and accessible to youth, women, fathers and sons, and golfers like us, who simply want to improve their game.

If fun and golf are words in your vocabulary, please join us in
taking golf to the streets.

How Birdieball came to be

The BirdieBall was developed in Golden by a father and son team of entrepreneurs, Richard and John Breaker. After two years of research and design, the two were finally ready to introduce their new ball to the public. The BirdieBall store, at The Colorado Mills in Lakewood, Colorado opened in April of 2003 as a place for people to try the amazing device. The store is an interactive environment where people can come experience the ball first hand. In short order tens of thousands of balls were sold from this single location. This success led to a grand unveiling at the PGA Merchandise show in January of 2004. After winning a new product award BirdieBall has been making headlines around the world. John Breaker’s long-term vision for the BirdieBall includes at home practice, family golf games, golf instruction, corporate identity and of course “taking golf to the streets.”

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