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If you're like most people, you are looking at a picture of this napkin ring shaped golf ball and questions are running through your head. Well, here's our best effort at anticipating the question and giving you our best answer.

General FAQ's

   Why use a BirdieBall?
When the Scottish invented golf, we're sure they didn't play on manicured lawns. They used their Mashie and Niblik and played in pastures. The ball went a short but satisfying distance. That's what BirdieBalls are all about, taking golf to the streets. Now the true feel and flight of a golf ball is captured in a ball that only travels 40 yards. You can take it to the park, backyard, baseball diamond, even to the parking lot! It's great practice as well as fun to simply make up your own course through the park, just like the Scotsmen who invented the game. Who knows maybe you can invent your own BirdieBall game.

   What are the benefits of using a BirdieBall?
If you've ever hit another type of practice ball like a perforated plastic ball or a cork or foam ball, you know how unsatisfying it is. They don't feel or fly like real golf balls. BirdieBalls do.
In fact, Avid Golfer Magazine Says "you'll swear you're whacking a Pro V-1"
It’s also perfect for displaying a corporate logo.

   Can I hit my Driver and Fairway Woods?
Yes, absolutely. Now with the Velocity Tee, you can work out with the club that even pros struggle to keep consistent. The Velocity Tees come in a package with one tee for Driver and one for your 3-wood. The Driver Tee works great if you have a Jumbo Driver (+300cc). Just point the tee at your target. I can almost hear you saying "Wow, I really got into that one!".

   What is the BirdieBall made out of?
BirdieBalls are made at of a super polymer (that's as much detail as you get, and no, it's not PVC). They are highly durable, and the Pro Series will not break, even when you hit it with your 125 mph golf swing.

   How far will the BirdieBall fly?
BirdieBalls travel about 40 yards with a 5 iron. Add or take away about 1 or 2 yards per club. The longest drive is currently 61 yards (the ball just happened to roll right). E-mail us at and tell us how far you can hit them.

   Why use the StrikePad?
The StrikePad allows you to practice anywhere, even off of concrete, asphalt, or dirt. You won’t damage your clubs on the ground, and you won’t tear up your lawn with your clubs, thus saving your marriage. Anywhere you have 40 yards; you now have your own driving range. You can now improve your game at home, in the park, while on vacation, or on a business trip.

   Do you need the StrikePad?
No. In fact they are probably best right off the freshly mown grass. However, because the prevent lawn damage, you can take them to the park or softball field. Your wife or husband won’t get mad if you use StrikePad in the yard. Best of all the StrikePad allows you to hit golf balls in places that you never would have thought to hit them before. You can hit BirdieBalls in the parking lot, off of a frozen lake, off of the beach and even off of the deck of a houseboat. You will be amazed by how the StrikePad allows you to hit down and through…releasing your golf club on impact.

   Who endorses BirdieBall?
BirdieBall is endorsed by golf teaching professionals all across the country, as well as many nationally recognized junior programs.
The First Tee program in Denver even uses the BirdieBall on specially built short courses. For explanation of the courses, see

How does the BirdieBall work?
By creating more surface space with equal weight, increased wind resistance is generated. When struck in an upright orientation, perpendicular to the hole, the ball flies in a reverse rotation and loses energy about 40 yards out. It is made of a high modulus engineered polymer that is extremely durable. The Pro Series BirdieBalls can withstand a 125 mph swing.

   Will it break my windows?
I have miscued a couple of times and hit my neighbor's picture window from about 3O feet. It fell harmlessly in the bushes below the window. This is not to say that they won’t break windows, just that they haven’t. Therefore, this is the official disclaimer. They might break stuff.

Family Fun FAQ's

   What are some games we can play with the BirdieBall?
BirdieBalls are great for coming up with new games. Back and forth golf, like playing catch with your dad, is now 40-yards away. Play closest to the pin at a picnic or set up 40-yards apart and play horseshoes. Because the BirdieBalls float you can hit them off the dock into the water at a target. There is no limit to the games you can create.

   What are the most unique uses of BirdieBall?
2 of the most creative uses of BirdieBalls that I know of are:
While ice fishing, some avid golfer dropped the StrikePad on the ice and tried to hit the BirdieBalls into the other fishing holes (remember, they float).
and, during some down time while sailing around Lake Powell, some golfers put a raft about 40-yards from the houseboat, and hit right off the deck.    Houseboat (Page 1),    Houseboat (Page 2)

Golf Instructor FAQ's

   How can I use a BirdieBall for instructional purposes?
BirdieBall strength is its instructional application. BirdieBall has a slightly higher center of gravity than an ordinary golf ball; as a result, it is easier to get airborne. Once airborne the axis tilts like a golf ball right to left, left to right or remains parallel. Further, the ball has a heavy feel even though it is only traveling forty yards. No golf nets, are required, no golf course is required. This can be taught or practiced at home or at the park. With the StrikePad no golf mat or pad is required. StrikePad is a cambered, polymer, spring like pad which allows you to practice anywhere, even in a parking lot. Because the StrikePad releases as you hit down and through, the student can simulate taking a divot. Artificial surfaces, astro turf and the like do not allow for the proper down and through move. Another remarkable feature of the StrikePad is the ability to use a marker (Sharpie or Dry Erase Pen) to draw the swing path and club head rotation (visit the golf tips section of this web site). Imagine teaching with this tool and then allowing your student to take the golf course home with them in a box. It is revolutionizing practice. Nike Golf Learning Centers, The McGetrick Golf Academy, The American Junior Golf Association, The Professional Golfers Career College, The High School Golf Coaches Association, Junior Prep., Open Fairways and most importantly the PGA Tour and Masters sponsored First Tee and many, many other teaching academies utilize the BirdieBall as a key part of their core curriculum.

Home Training Aid FAQ's

   How do you tee up the BirdieBall?
There are a couple of ways to tee up the BirdieBall. The simplest solution is to use the StrikePad. Place the BirdieBall the “Teeing” area (which is a flat area or shelf on the pad), and simply hang it over the edge. Option 2 to put three conventional wooden tees in a triangle pattern with the single tee placed toward the target. The best alternative is to stack two BirdieBalls, one on top of the other. With Jumbo drivers (over 300cc’s), this is absolutely the best way. The BirdieBall weighs half of what a golf ball weighs, so together they equal the golf ball. When they are stacked in this way the feeling is exactly like hitting a golf ball. The top ball flies like your drive with reverse spin...the bottom ball spins along the ground with top spin. It is a blast!

   How does BirdieBall compare to other practice balls?
We all know practice makes perfect. But the real question is what makes great practice. Other practice golf balls like perforated balls, light-weight foam balls or cork balls, do not feel like golf balls. To have good practice, you need a ball that feels like a golf ball and Avid Golfer Magazines says the BirdieBall feels like you're hitting a (Titleist) Pro-V1. Secondly, to have great practice the practice golf ball must fly like a golf ball. The BirdieBall does just that. Because it spins just like a golf ball, it draws and fades just like a golf ball. Again other practice golf balls don't. Finally, it only goes 40 yards. Some practice golf balls like wiffle balls don't go far enough to tell how you've hit them, while other balls like foam balls and cork balls go way too far.

   How does the StrikePad work?
The proper way to use the StrikePad is to place the ball forward on the pad. The pad has a label on it. Point the label toward your target. Put the ball on the shelf or slightly behind it. This allows you to hit down and through the ball. Proper ball striking is when you take a divot in front of the ball (with irons) practice this in the area where we allow some air under the ball.

   How can the BirdieBall/StrikePad improve my game?
As discussed above, practice makes perfect. If you are practicing with other practice golf balls like wiffleballs, light-weight foam balls or cork balls, you can't feel the shot in your hands and see the true ball flight. BirdieBalls are the only practice golf balls that give you both accurate ball flight with true feel. And you don't have to chase them very far! Plus, because they are so inviting, you can groove your swing while playing horseshoes or closest to the pin. (See "What are some games can I play with BirdieBalls?" above)

Corporate Logo FAQ's

   What are the Benefits of putting my corporate logo on the BirdieBall/StrikePad?
Most companies view themselves as progressive, but few show them self that way. The uniqueness and functionality of the BirdieBall, makes it the most progressive and memorable promotional product in years. Not only is it memorable, it is functional, has a "wow" factor, and invites conversation as well. Your customers will remember who gave them their first BirdieBall. The BirdieBall is sure to do the job just as it is intended, as it is utilized, passed along, discussed, and debated.

   Can I get my corporate logo on the BirdieBall/StrikePad?
Absolutely, in fact is it one of the hottest Advertising Specialty products on the market today. As proven with such clients as The Professional Golfer Association (PGA), Toyota, Sun Microsystems, The First Tee and many, many others BirdieBall is the hottest corporate identity promotional item the world over. With six square inches of logo ready space on the ball and two square feet of logo ready space on the StrikePad, clients will always remember who gave them their first BirdieBall. It is new, it is fresh, it is interesting, it is counter intuitive, it is long lasting and it is available now!

   How do I get my logo on a BirdieBall
Simple. Just call 866-807-3348 and we will handle all of your questions. Your local Ad Specialty distributor can also be there to see you in person this afternoon. Minimum order is 600 balls, 200 sleeves or 50 dozen. Transferring the art is as simple as attaching an EPS or other Vector type file and sending to

   Will they break?
Nope, at least not the Pro Series. The Super White Series can break in cooler weather if you really hit them well.

   Do they float?

   Does the distance change with different clubs?
The BirdieBall travels about 40 yards with a 6 iron. Add or deduct about 1 or 2 yards per club. E-mail and let us know if you can hit your driver more than 55 yards.

   Do they come in other colors?
BirdieBall will be available in yellow beginning September, 2004. Yellow BirdieBalls will function exactly like white BirdieBalls. Having both colors will make it easier to play games like BirdieBall Horse Shoes. Play closest to the pin yellow team or player versus the white team or player. When hitting into the water they will be easily distinguishable.

   Can BirdieBalls be hit out of round?
Because BirdieBalls have been engineered to bend and not break, they can be hit slightly out of round. However, simply rotate the ball 90 degrees and the BirdieBall is round again. Even when not perfectly round the BirdieBall performs flawlessly. Remember the BirdieBall rotates around a horizontal axis (just like a golf ball) it does not spin around its circumference.

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