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RECENT HIGHLIGHTS! - We are so thankful for all the stories written about us, however here's a few for which we are especially grateful

Reader's Digest
   Best Gift Under $50


Good Morning America Show
   Best Christmas Gift

Golf Magazine

PUBLICATIONS (in chronological order) Thanks to all the press who have been so kind to us!

The Wall Street Journal
    WSJ Cover(Page 1)
    Section Cover(Page 2)
    Article(Page 3)

Orange Coast
    OC Cover
    Street Golfing (Page 2)
    Street Golfing (Page 3)
    Street Golfing (Page 4)

Inventor's Digest
   It never disappoints
    (Page 1)

   (Page 2,3)

Reader's Digest
   Best Gift Under $50

Good Morning America Show
   Best Christmas Gift

Sporting News
   Best Stocking Stuffer

Staten Island Advance
   We particularly like it
    (Page 1)

   November, 2006 (Page 2)

Golf Magazine

PGA Partner's Magazine
   92% Approval Rating From PGA

Denver Business Journal
   Andy Wann Director of    Advertising Sales

Denver Business Journal
   Just in time for Father's Day    

Specialty Retail News
    (Page 1)
    (Page 2)
    (Page 3)
    (Page 4)
    (Page 5)


USA Today Master's Weekend
   Practice Makes Perfect

Golf Tips Magazine

PGA Merchandise Show
   BirdieBall Wins Best New

PGA Merchandise Show

PGA Merchandise Show Highlight - Laird Small teaches with BirdieBAlls

Seattle Times
   "One of the hottest golf

La Tribune

Arnold Palmer's Honor & Glory Magazine
    Ryder Cup

Avid Golfer Magazine
   BirdieBall on Fox Sports Net -    

Golf Range Magazine
   BirdieBall Making Headlines
   Around the World

Denver Post
   This Will improve your game
   5 shots

Golf Chicago
   Perfect Practice with BirdieBalls    

Arnold Palmer's Kingdom Magazine
   "Limited flight comes as close to    the real thing as possible"

   "BirdieBall offers truer

Travel & Leisure

Business Week
   Now there's BirdieBall!

Cleveland Plain Dealer
   "New training aid helps groove
   swing "

US News
   Easygoing Golf

Today's Golfer
   March, 2004

Compleat Golfer
   BirdieBall - Another Cunning    Idea

Golf Week
   (Page 1)
   (Page 2)

Golf World
   BirdieBall will make it

Golf Observer
   People who use it, love it.    

PGA Merchandise Show
   BirdieBall wins most scanned
   item award

Georgia Fairways
   "BirdieBall is especially popular"    

The Wire

PGA News
   BirdieBall @ Demo Day
   (Page 1)

   Scenes from the biggest event
   in the golf industry (Page 2)

Colorado Biz Magazine

Avid Golfer Magazine
   "You'll swear your Whacking a    Pro V-1"

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