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This is the answer to effectively bringing your team together.

Yes, BirdieBalls are a great golf swing trainer but they are something else as well. They are unbelievably fun for the advanced golfer (see our awards) and and yet they are still great for beginners. The idea is to create activities that challenge the more advanced team members without frustrating the beginners. BirdieBall is one of those ideas. First, Golf is a sport that we can play all of our lives, so team members of any age can play. Second, because birdieballs only fly approximately 40 yards, even beginners are within conversation distance. Plus what would take 4-5 hours in team building on a golf course can take less than 1 hour to accomplish the same goals. Further, walking and swinging a golf club are considered low impact exercises, so your team members will be getting the blood flowing while having fun exercises designed on building the team spirit.

"Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group had a great team-building event with BirdieBall. Our staff loved it! My concern before this event was that the overwhelming majority of our employees do not play golf. That is no longer a concern after this event. BirdieBall is fun or everyone. I heard talk about this event for weeks following. I cannot wait until we have another BirdieBall tournament. Another positive is that it is very inexpensive day of fun for the entire company. BirdieBall will be a part of our future company events."

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Why Team Building Works

How Team Building Helps the Bottom Line

The Goals of Team Building

Why BirdieBall Team Building

The Essential Qualities of Team Players

Sample Team Assessment Survey

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What is Birdieball?

Glad you asked! Birdieball is a limited flight golf ball that looks just like a napkin ring. Birdieball flies, feels, and reacts just like a golf ball, but it only goes 40 yards! Birdieball is revolutionary! Itís the most innovated product to hit the golf market in 100 years!

Is Birdieball legitimate?

You bet. Birdieball was voted Product of The Year in the training aid category at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Birdieball has been featured in well over 50 periodicals, with more on the way. ESPN, The Golf Channel, Fox Sports, and all major networks have had rave reviews regarding Birdieball. Birdieball is endorsed by many of the Top 100 Golf Instructors in the Country! Birdieball has received a 92% approval rating from the PGA Partners Club Testing Center! Birdieball is carried in over 230 retail outlets!

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