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12 Balls Target and Pad Readers Digest "Best Gift" (BB-1016-Super Set)

This set combines the Readers Digest top gift picks for two consecutive years.   We combine both with the BirdieBall StrikePad for a discounted price,  under $70.  


Watch Videos:  BirdieBalls, StrikePad & BirdieTarget.


birdietarget   birdietarget


This set has three great products that work like no other off course golf product has ever worked before.  This set has everything you need to have fun and get good at the same time.  Together with StrikePad, and the new BirdieGoal system.  The BirdieTarget system is a combination of collapsible target and flag.  The target can be used in three different positions depending on the difficulty that one wants to achieve.  The target can even be nailed into the grass to prevent high wind from blowing it over.  The rigid base of the target allows the target to rotate around the nail when playing BirdieBall GOLF.  The flag is a three piece easy to assemble flag which fits securely into a steel coupler at the bottom of the BirdieBall target.  This uncompromising quality will give you years of fun in the backyard, park, softball field or anywhere else you would want to have an instant golf hole.


Here are nine holes set up on a ski run in Breckenridge, CO.  Fun level....UN-MEASUREABLE! 


PGA Below is a great YouTube link showing PGA, Master Professional Danny Harvanek Teaching with the BirdieBall System.

golf at school

    PGA Show  "Best New Product"

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12 Balls Target and Pad Readers Digest "Best Gift"

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