BirdieBall - limited flight golf ball
BirdieBall & StrikePad Set
BirdieBall - the most accurate and rewarding practice ball in golf

12 Balls & 2 StrikePads + Tee = Back & Forth Fun! (BB-Back and Forth Set + BB Tee)

Back and Forth is the Best way to practice and play BirdieBall.

BEST SET VALUE!  For a limited time, this awesome package is just $52.99. Plus a Set of Two Velocity Tees for Driver a $9.99 Value

Remember how your Dad would take you for a little back yard toss with the ball?  Everyone learned how to throw a ball this way.  You did not go to a throwing range.  Throwing accurately was learned because you learned to throw to a target.....the person catching the ball.  

This same back and forth learning can be applied for the first time to the game of golf.  Take two StrikePads, get about forty yards apart and you can hit toward one another.  BirdieBalls lose their hovering flight at about forty yards and fall harmlessley to the ground.  We don't recommend you try to catch them while they are still spinning (unless you have a baseball glove on), but you will be hitting toward a target and hitting even just one BirdieBall back and forth! 

Some Fun FAQs about BirdieBall

-2012, PGA Presidents Award Winner for our Efforts on behalf of the Game of Golf.

-2005, Best New Product, PGA Merchandise Show.

-Largest Golf in Schools Program with 6,000 schools from elementary school through university.

-6 Million BirdieBalls are in circulation worldwide.

-Regardless of skill level, hitting the BirdieBall gives you hours and hours of meaningful feedback and "off the hook" fun!

-Birdieballs have been used on all 7 Continents. Yep, Antarctica!

Antarctica Video

-BirdieBalls float. (Just thought you would like to know)

Below are some videos which will show you flight, functionality and most importantly FUN!



Here is video #1, 2003.  This one started it all.  Notice the length on the shorts!  Way before YouTube!


PGA Merchandise Show, Best Product Trophy


Free Set of Velocity Tees for Driver.  These tees are designed to elevate the BirdieBall to practice hitting the big sticks.  These tees are slightly blemished but work fine.

BirdieBall Long Drive, Velocity Tees & Ball. LONG!

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You Save: $26.97 (35%)

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12 Balls & 2 StrikePads + Tee = Back & Forth Fun!

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