Portable Putting Mat

Build Your Putting Green

Created for the discerning golfer who understands the importance of an authentic roll, grain, and speed. Design an indoor putting green that is perfectly tailored to your unique style.

Authentic Grain and Stimp Speeds

BirdieBall Greens replicate a natural putting green's grain. Choose your stimp speed.

This Is How We Roll

Portable and light-weight, BirdieBall Greens roll up for storage and lay flat for a perfect roll, every time.

Drop-In Cups & Extraction Flags

Our greens are dense and thick enough for the ball to fall into the hole without an up-hill ramp.

Revolutionary Putting Practice

Our patented process gives you perfect feedback. Perfect feedback means perfect practice.

Rolled Flat

We roll our greens to be perfectly flat, just like a well-maintained natural putting green.

A Size That Fits Your Needs

Fully customizable, with the ability to brand your green with your logo.

About Our Putting Greens

Our technology is NOT at all like the TURF GRASS greens. US Patent 8,979,663 means this NEW technology is a true innovation. Performing EXACTLY like a real natural grass putting green, it even replicates the same softer feel on your feet. As with a natural putting green the golf ball rolls on the flat spongy sub-layer NOT on the top of the short plastic loop. When a golf ball slows or stops there should be NO WOBBLE. How important is the flat spongy feature? It is everything. Without the malable sub-base the natural grass putting greens could not be rolled to a smooth surface to promote true roll for the golf ball. The current estimate to construct a natural grass green is $100,000+. Being softer and receptive is everything. Our grain orientation means the nubs or grass are angled slightly like real grass. The mown short nubs control the speed. Stop thinking that a practice putting green is like woven field turf with a pattern for the ball to follow, particularly as it slows down. We are now past putting on "turf".